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Best network security for retail and Ecommerce stores

Why WatchGuard?

Just as I lock my house and my car, it’s also important to lock all of the entryways to your business. Therefore, we’ve partnered with WatchGuard because they focus on small business and so do we making them the best network security for small business. For more information check out the WatchGuard website.

enterprise-grade security

Firewall Network Security

Award-winning, enterprise-grade protection. In addition, it's cost-effective and centrally managed.


Multi-factor Authentication

Keep imposters away from your networks and data with extended user verification. What's more, it's easy to use and administer.


Secure WiFi

WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi solutions provide the strongest protection from malicious attacks such as man-in-the-middle. Above all, you will have secure Wi-Fi.


Managed Switch vs Unmanaged

Full network visibility with the power to take action immediately. In other words, you know right where to go to work.


Zero Day Exploit

The quickest access to new and improved security services. Therefore, you have the tools to stay on top of the bad guys who cause ransomware attacks.


Safe DNS

Safe DNS protects you by only allowing you to go to safe web pages. All known bad sites are black-listed.


Endpoint Security

You need strong endpoint security to prevent remote workers as well as on-site workers. Most importantly, If a threat emerges, you have the tools to identify and stop it.



Malware attacks steal data and damage devices which causes chaos. Subsequently, you need strong malware protection to guard against this.


Help & Support

You will have access to all of the WatchGuard information. In addition, we offer all aspects of help and support.

Would you like help with the best network security solutions for your retail and Ecommerce store?

Network security can be a tough area to understand however, we can translate for you and walk through the steps to take to make sure you're safe and protected with the best network security solutions for your business.

Best network security services for retail and Ecommerce stores

best network security for small business

PCI-DSS Compliance

Do you know if your business environment is PCI compliant, or even what it means? We can help you find out! For more information, check out our blog article.


Network Security Assessment

Is my network secure? We can take a look at it and after that, let you know where you’re vulnerable and make a plan to fix it.


Disaster Recovery

If something happens do I have a backup of my data and know how to recover?  We can take a look at it and subsequently, make a disaster recovery plan.