How to Find an IP Address

IP Address

An Internet Protocol (IP) Address is a unique address number that identifies a device on the internet or on a local network. It can be useful to know your IP address to trouble shoot computer issues.  Here are some pointers on how to find an IP address.

There are public IP addresses and private IP addresses. To obtain your public IP address there are several sites that work well such as whatismyip.com.

To get your private IP Address for wireless you can either go through Windows or a command prompt.  Here is link on how to do it in Windows:  Find your IP address (microsoft.com).

To find it from a command prompt:

Type Command Prompt in the search box for Windows 10.  Open the command prompt.  Type in the command “ipconfig” without the quotes and press enter.  Most networks are still using the IPv4 Address.  IPv6 is coming.

How to find an IP Address using command prompt

For an Android this is a link to look up the private IP Address:

Smartphone (Android & iPhone) (techviral.net)

For a MAC you can either use System Preferences or Terminal:

Mac – Appuals.com

To find the IP Address on IOS:

iPhone or iPad in iOS (osxdaily.com)

To find out the IP Address in Linux:

Linux OS (Private or Public) (phoenixnap.com)

Look here for more information on Computer Networks.

Now you know how to find your ip address.