Trading Partner Management

Trading Partner Management

Business integration is critical

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and collaboration between trading partners is an important value-added service - especially for companies in the distribution, retail, and manufacturing markets. As the foundation for our solution platform, we offer a Trading Partner managed service that functions beyond traditional EDI with multi-enterprise offerings to deliver secure data between various trading partners.

Functioning much like a "drag-and-drop" business mailbox, our B2B/Multi-Enterprise integration box provides the most flexible and easy-to-use integrated solution on the market for your business and its most critical supply chain partners. Simply stated, you receive seamless integration as it securely connects with other systems.

Whether it's transferring data with suppliers, managing vendor relationships or meeting internal partner needs, our multi-enterprise integration solution enables true integration of our mission critical information for sharing of purchase orders, invoices, claims and other important business documents.

With our platform, you can establish routing rules to dictate what happens when data is shared and how it is processed, translated and distrusted. Additionally, you control how the files are sent over what protocol - in what format - and monitor the entire process by warnings, exceptions, successes and correctable mistakes. Features like end-to-end monitoring ensure your processes are completed on time, and with expected boundaries.



  • Modern architecture delivered in the cloud as a managed service
  • 'True' multi-tenant SaaS
  • Modern UI, mobile first, responsive design
  • Massive scalability, horizontally and vertically
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Consultative DNA - via supply chain experts


  • Real-time integration between partners
  • File parsing to business documents
  • Reporting visibility and management tools
  • File routing between users systems and organizations
  • Control rules and set criteria for mailbox message lifecycle

Technical Specs:

File Transfer Protocol Support, send and receive files via: HTTP/HTTPS, SFTP/FTP/FTPS, AS2 or SMTP

Security Support for: X509 certificate management. Data is secured at rest and in transit - industry standard protocols

Set File Transformations Rules to perform: Encryption/Decryption, Compression/Decompression, Translation

File Rules may undergo a variety of: Translations validations, mutations

Connectivity with/to: Full VAN and interconnectivity support, thousand of trading partners, partner specific maps and file formats

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