Product Information Management

Product Information Management

Product Information Management (PIM) Solution

Product Information Management (PIM) accurately manages product attributes and digital content; centralizes your item data; and delivers real-time information across multiple sales channels. PIM ensures a superior experience and consistent product data exchange across all channels within our enterprise. The PIM system helps omni-channel retailers gain greater inventory control through a centralized product view across the enterprise. It also provides immediate access to critical and timely data that can help streamline operations, improve business performance, maximize growth and deliver significant operations savings.

Rapidly Implement a Successful Omni-Channel PIM Strategy. Ensuring accurate, consistent, and optimized product information across all sales channels can be incredibly challenging. A comprehensive PIM solution helps retailers respond to mounting consumer expectations, including: abundant product options, multiple sales channels and mass personalization. As online consumer spending and time spent researching products increases; the right PIM strategy will deliver accurate, detailed product information to help promote sales.

Advanced PIM features include: user defined attributes, attribute sets, and attribute groups by channel. Regardless if you are a manufacturer, distributor o retailer, you can manage items from one central location and push or pull prouduct information data from your ERP, e-commerce platform, point of sale and/or electronic vendor catalog.

Product Attributes


  • Allows infinite sharing of items, groups and attributes
  • Increases up-sell and cross-sell conversions
  • Consolidates item information, including: hierarchy, structure, attributes, validations, approvals and versioning
  • Manage, publish and control content shared with customer-facing applications


  • Centralized product information and data management
  • Integrate to disparate systems using the integration framework and push or pull data through a standard API
  • Update a list of products with a single click
  • Achieve accurate expansion of searchable attributes (elastic or Solr)
  • Deliver real-time optimized product data and digital content across all channels
  • Improve your item search on your e-commerce platform by expanding the list of item attributes
  • Assign roles to managing the item attribute process
  • Monitor "percent complete" of each item through the item attribute life cycle
  • Easily install and integrate the PIM solution with other offerings on the ECM platform