Customer Engagement POS Solution

Customer Engagement (POS)

Customer Engagement POS Solution

Advanced point of sale (POS) software helps retailers create unique and personal shopping experiences to convert today's demanding consumers from in-store browsers to merchandise purchasers. While in-store traffic has steadily declined since the introduction of online commerce, the POS remains a critical opportunity to deliver clienteling, customer service and drive additional sales. Understanding the value of a customer perusing your store and then utilize a solution to convert the customer's browse into a sale is the core of Customer Engagement/POS. With new clienteling tools, we enable associates to capitalize on in-store traffic and steer the action from a mere register transaction to a customer engagement opportunity anywhere in the store.

Traditional POS solutions are awkward and often create barriers to the sale. By removing POS obstacles, we give you total control of your retail business via advances, next-generation POS management and service that includes: POS software and hardware; merchant processing; mobile card processing; and e-commerce integration.

Deliver a better customer experience with better customer engagement. Our mobile POS checkout and customer profiling clienteling tools help ensure store associates deliver exceptional customer service with each engagement to create an intimate, customer-centric relationship that drives business loyalty. Store assicates can"

  1. Look up/view availability and order inventory at other locations.
  2. Review customers' order histories to make recommendations an foster relationships.
  3. Use customer engagement tools on their personal mobile devices for POS check out and clienteling.

Use Any Device or Operating System. Delivered via a cloud-based platform and a highly intuitive user-interface, the customer engagement advanced POS technology is proven secure, responsive and compatible with most hardware and operating systems including Microsfot Windows tablets and Mac iPads. Our regular feature updates will keep you competitive in today's omni-channel marketplace.

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  • Cloud-based advanced POS services
  • Single and multi-store capable, installs easily
  • Real time data management and reporting
  • Works on any device: PC, Mac, iPad and Microsoft Windows Tablets
  • Mobile POS via tablets or smart phones
  • Works with existing POS hardware


  • Real-time remote access
  • Secure data protection
  • Empowers associates with mobile POS checkout solutions
  • Fast setup, easy to use
  • Automatic updates
  • Create loyalty programs
  • Low competitive rates
  • Exceeds PCI/PA-DSS compliance
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