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Vendor Drop Ship Services

Today's empowered shoppers want to choose from a multitude of products and fulfillment options. They expect immediacy, convenience and simplicity - no matter if they are shopping in your brick-and-mortar store, or online.

Vendor Drop Ship SaaS cloud solution enables small to mid-sized omni-channel retailers and wholesalers to significantly extend their ability to conduct commerce and drive additional sales. With vendor drop ship, companies are able to offer both inventory on hand and additional supplier inventory across online storefronts and other marketplaces - effectively increasing item assortment - without having to make any upfront costs or additional inventory investments.

Adding a Vendor Drop Ship capability is game-change for retailers wanting to effectively expand business and compete across larger channels and geographies. Plus, having an increased item assortment helps drive additional traffic to e-commerce sites, improve customer conversions and benefits top line revenue. In short, the solution makes it possible to offer more products through more channels and shipping methods, resulting in better customer service and sales.

The intelligence built behind Routing Logistics optimizes shipment execution, including accelerated order routing and vendor fulfillment. Our solution delivers seamless EDI exchange with inventory visibility and 846 inventory uploads between vendors, enabling retailers to obtain improved control over the fulfillment process.


Vendor Drop Ship


  • Automated order routing based upon inventory position
  • Vendor fulfillment and shipment execution using a vendor web portal
  • Vendor performance scorecards and management
  • Alerts and event messaging


  • Real-time integration between partners
  • File parsing to business documents
  • Reporting visibility and management tools
  • File routing between users systems and organizations
  • Control rules and set criteria for mailbox message lifecycle
  • Seamless Electronic Data Integration (EDI) and exchange between trading partners
  • Inventory visibility - batch import of 846 Inventory uploads from vendors
Automated Order Routing