What is cybersecurity?

The dictionary defines it as: measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the Internet) against unauthorized access or attack.

What measures are you taking?  At Retail and IT Consulting we take this topic very seriously. Many small businesses do not know if they are protected, or worse yet believe they are protected when in fact, they are not. Hacking, phishing, malware and data theft are happening constantly and small businesses are a prime target.

  • 60% of small businesses experienced a cyber breach (HM Government)
  • $20,752 - average cost to a small business due to hacking, up from $8,600 in 2013 (NSBA)
  • 71% of hackers attach businesses with under 100 employees (Verizon 2012)
  • 69% of American consumers worry about theft of their payment card data (Gallup)

There are three areas to focus on in protecting your business:

  1. Security Awareness
  2. Data Backup
  3. Defense in Depth

We don't want to see you be the next victim. We will do an assessment of your current computer network and determine where the gaps are and design a plan to fix them. We offer many products and services that will offer your business proactive measures for protection.

Security Awareness
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WatchGuard's Dimension server takes oceans of data and instantly turns it into security intelligence.

  • comes standard with every Firebox
  • provides network intelligence through reporting and a visual dashboard that is easy to understand
  • offers built-in PCI and HIPPA logs for compliance

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Services minimize the costs associated with server outages that can be caused by hard drive failures, security breaches, and human error, as well as disasters such as fires, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.

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Defense in Depth

Defense In Depth

Malware is getting more sophisticated by the day and the number of cyber-attacks are increasing in an alarming rate. According to WatchGuard’s Q4 2016 Threat Lab Report, 30% of malware was zero day and wasn’t caught by legacy antivirus solutions. With government and large companies no longer being the only targets for hackers, protection for small and medium-size business (SMBs) is more important than ever before.

We at Retail and IT Consulting understand advanced threats, and have partnered with WatchGuard Technologies to make sure your business has the right solution and the best-in-class technology to safeguard employees’ and customers’ sensitive data.

Available for all WatchGuard UTM appliances, advanced security solutions work in tandem to deliver powerful, layered protection. With security modules such as Threat Detection & Response, APT Blocker, Host Ransomware Prevention, WatchGuard enables any organization to protect their business from the most advanced malware attacks, including ransomware and other threats designed to evade traditional security defenses.

After first running through other security services, files are fingerprinted and checked against an existing database – first on the appliance and then in the cloud. If the file has never been seen before, it is analyzed using the system emulator, which monitors the execution of all instructions. It can spot the evasion techniques that other sandboxes miss.

Don’t let malware take over your network. Let Retail and IT Consulting safeguard your business and customers.

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