If it can happen to Target with all of their technology resources, it can happen to you too!  Cybersecurity is oftentimes last on the list of priorities for small business. Time and money are in short supply for most owners and managers.  That is until they are a victim of a security breach and now it’s at the top of the list.  Many retailers do not recover from the impact of such an experience.   At Retail Network Security Solutions, we offer many services to protect you at a reasonable price.

In the assessment, Retail and IT Consulting will examine network rights, usernames and passwords, and PCI-DSS compliance. The business needs and requirements will determine the solution design with secure remote access. We will program and test the solution prior to installation. Router logs will be backed up and stored, and with reports on usage and threats as part of management.  Once the assessment is complete, we will discuss the findings with you. Many small business owners are surprised by the results that we deliver. Often times they think they are protected but are in fact vulnerable to a cyber attack.  We will provide a roadmap of recommended actions and you can choose which, if any you would like to implement.


Retail and IT Consulting will assess an existing network or design a new network. We will look at your operating systems, patches, anti-virus, wireless access and disaster recovery plan. We will also cover your physical environment to make sure it is clean, secure and looks professional. We will implement your network by building and testing in advance, installing at a convenient time; delivering a professional looking system complete with documentation. We manage this process and recommend installing our managed services product for proactive assistance.

  • Do you need an assessment of your current network configuration?
  • Are you looking for assistance in designing a new network?
  • Would you like help with a network installation?
  • Do you want someone to manage your network for you?

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Services protect businesses from the costs of downtime. Retail and IT Consulting Business Continuity Services gives businesses fast and complete recovery of downed or destroyed servers and critical workstations. Business Continuity Services minimize the costs associated with server outages that can be caused by hard drive failures, security breaches, and human error, as well as disasters, such as fires, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.


Retail and IT Consulting will assess your network to determine what needs to be done to implement managed services on your system. To design this, we will look at patching, anti-virus, updates, malware, and subscriptions. We can manage servers, desktops and routers and will proactively watch for any possible interruptions of service.

  • Would you like an assessment of what Managed Services can do for you?
  • Is an individual plan for Managed Services in your business of interest to you?
  • Are you looking for a partner to implement Managed Services for you?
  • Do you want a partner to monitor your network so you can focus on your business?

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