Are you drowning in all of the demands on your time, wondering when you’re ever going to see your home and family again? The demands on an independent retailer are never-ending and overlapping. You have to worry about marketing, publicity and reputation to keep business coming in the door instead of going to the big box competitors with unlimited budget and staff. Merchandising and buying power are a challenge. Store management, especially in attracting great employees, training them and then keeping them is a struggle. And after all of these needs are met you need to try and figure out how to handle IT needs without any resources on staff to help.
Retail and IT Consulting can provide all of your IT needs so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. In fact, with automation, you will save both time and money.
– real-time visibility into sell-through and inventory levels will help to make better purchasing decisions
– gain the ability to collaborate with vendors through automation
– provide the technology that both next gen employees and customers are expecting
We have over 25 years of retail technology experience and know the best ways to achieve automation. We have trained security experts who will make your network safe and stable so you don’t have to deal with a receipt printer that doesn’t work or a cash drawer that doesn’t open. Contact Retail and IT Consulting to handle these issues so you can go back to running your business.